saturday session

Taza (zazen)
 At 8:45 a.m., zazen begins, and at 9:00 a.m., the zazen begins to stop motion.

 When entering the zendo, one should enter with a low bow and a gassho, and then quietly walk along the zodiac to the place where one is to sit, keeping one's palms folded. (no words in the hall).

 Za (seat) is arranged on tatami mats on the outside of the dojo. The seats next to the master at the far end and the seats on either side of the entrance to the dojo are reserved for officials, so sit in the other places.

 You sit for two burns (about 30 min. twice).

 Between the first burn (08:45 - 09:15) and the second burn, there is a short break called "Niben-orai" (break). If you have numb feet, you can go outside to rest. Since the time is short, please finish urinating before your first aroma if possible.


 There is a bell rung during the second zazen session. Some practitioners may ring the bell or come in and out of the dojo for Zen discussion with the master, but do not mind and sit as you did in the first burn.

Teisho - 
 After chanting the 'Hannya-shingyo' Sutra and 'Hakuin Zen Master's Zazen Wasan' together, the master will give a speech. The text is the "Four Books of Zen Buddhism".

 After the recitation of the sotoba, everyone chants the "Shi-gu Seigan" (Four Phrases of Vows).


Shodo - Calligraphy


 After the master's recitation, we will do "shodo" (calligraphy). With the same breathing and state of mind as in zazen, we use a thick brush to write "Muji-bo" (lines drawn diagonally from the bottom left to the top right) all over the newspaper. The goal is to draw a line with one's whole body and spirit. Those who have been continuing the class will write letters afterwards.

 The model is "Shokei Uta" written in cursive by Tesshu Yamaoka.

 Once a month, we will write a clean copy on a half-sheet of paper.

Tea celemony

 After the calligraphy is completed, everyone sits in seiza and performs the tea ceremony.

 Each action, such as picking up the tea bowl, drinking the tea, and setting down the bowl, is done simultaneously with the actions of those around you. You should follow the movements of the person sitting on your left side, so as not to lag behind and to be in unison with everyone else.