Tesshu-kai Zen Dojo

Let's sit in a quiet urban zazen dojo

Tesshu Zenkai is a zazen gathering located at Kohoin Temple of the Tenryuji School of Rinzai Zen Buddhism.

First time zazen practitioners are welcome. Please feel free to come.

(An explanation of zazen practice can be provided in English)

Zazen Session Schedule

Zazen Session Details

 Saturday Zazen: Usually the 1st and 2nd Saturdays of the month

 08:45~ Sitting quietly in the hall,

 09:00~11:30 Zazen, Zen Lecture, chanting, calligraphy, and work.


 Evening Zazen: Most Fridays

 18:45~  Sitting quietly in the hall

 19:00~20:20 Zazen


 Zazen and Dharma Talk for beginners: Usually the 4th Saturday of the month





3-6th: Sesshin (intensive practice) 

12th (Fri) 18:45 - Evening Zazen

13th (Sat) 08:45 - Saturday Zazen

19th (Fri) 18:45 - Evening Zazen

No regular session on 20th (Sat) (due to a Buddhist memorial service)

26th (Fri) 18:45 Evening Zazen

27th (Sat) 08:00 Zazen and Dharma Talk



2nd (Fri) 18:45 Evening Zazen

3rd (Sat) 08:45 Saturday Zazen

9th (Fri) 18:45 Evening Zazen

10th (Sat) 08:45 Saturday Zazen 

16th (Fri) 18:45 Evening Zazen

17th (Sat) 08:00 Zazen and Dharma Talk

23-25th: Sesshin (intensive practice) 



1st (Sat) 08:45 - Saturday Zazen

 (Dharma memorial service after the regular meeting)

7th (Fri) 18:45 - Evening Zazen

8th (Sat) 08:45 Saturday Zazen

(14-16th: Sesshin (intensive practice) )

21st (Fri) 18:45 - Evening Zazen

22nd (Sat) 08:00 Zazen and Dharma Talk