Zazen Session Schedule


①The regular meeting consists of two sessions of zazen (30 min. X 2), sutra chanting, calligraphy, tea ceremony, and work (samu) such as cleaning around the dojo.
②Evening zazen (two sessions of zazen (30 min. X 2)) , followed by sutra reading, finishing around 8 pm.
③For those who would like an introduction to zazen before zazen or to learn what zazen is, the Zazen and Dharma talk session will begin with an explanation of zazen, followed by two 15-minute zazen sessions with a short break in between. This will be followed by a Dharma talk on zazen. The session will last approximately one and a half hours.

<Zazen Session>

 For those who are new to zazen and would like to know what zazen is, this session will provide an introduction to zazen, including an explanation of how to sit. There will then be a short zazen practice session followed by a talk by the Abbot on the essence of zazen.


If you are a first time visitor, please email us in advance. 

◆Please arrive by 07:30.

 07:30~ Explanation of Zazen

 08:00~ Zazen (30 minutes)

 08:30~ Change legs, Zazen (30 minutes)

 09:00~ Dharma talk (Essence of Zen)

 09:30 Calligraphy, work 

 end around 11:15