How to do Zazen

In addition to regular Saturday Zazen sessions, Tesshu-kai holds a "Zazen and Dharma Talk" session once a month.


In this month's "Zazen and Dharma Talk" I talked about why we do zazen in the first place.

The gist of it is that zazen is done to enrich a person's energy and to live a life without regrets at that moment.


So the main points of zazen are as follows.

* Zazen must be done in such a way that the mind is full of energy.

* The muscles must be fully activated at the same time as the energy builds.

* In brief, you must do zazen with an attitude of "Today, too, let's do it," with full energy and stamina.


The above can really be achieved if you do zazen for even half an hour on top of your bed when you first wake up in the monrning before even changing your clothes.


After the talk, participants wrote "Zen calligraphy," which we sometimes do at Tesshukai.


Calligraphy and zazen are the same.

However, the one difference between calligraphy and zazen is that in zazen you cannot see yourself. While in calligraphy you can see for yourself what your zazen looks like through the words you have written.